Human & Vehicle Tracking

Tracking System

In today’s world tracking systems have become indispensable. Tracking your vehicle, your yacht, your motorcycle, or following your children to and from school are just a view options our tracking systems offer.

ALGIZ Tech-SEC teams are constantly on the lookout for the most reliable systems on the market to be able to advise our clients as to the right direction. ALGIZ has therefore created technical partnerships with Satellite and Telephone companies as well as with insurance providers to better respond to this emerging market.

ALGIZ has developed solutions with our partners to be able to track assets and individuals around the planet:

  • Tracking on every satellite system available
  • Tracking through terrestrial networks GSM and multiple wireless solutions ALGIZ Control and Surveillance Centre
  • 24/7/365 tracking services
  • 24/7/365 emergency call centre
  • 24/7/365 technical assistance

But just tracking is not everything, our systems and services package allows you to:

Geo-fence Alert with our Control & surveillance centre – Our operators inform you immediately if a vehicle left a certain location or zone

Abuse Alert – We inform you if your chauffeur or driver abuses your vehicle or boat through fast driving, unnecessary breaking, and running over a speed bump

Location Reporting – We can update you on where your vehicles go or where they have been

Emergency / Panic Button – You push the alert button we are there to help you 24/7/365

Black Box Services – We can send you weekly and monthly reports on all your vehicles, boats – locations, roads taken, violations, accidents, and any other information you find useful

Speedboats and Yachts – We track you around the planet by using all available satellite networks


Human Tracking System

Our Satellite and GSM Tracking system is currently the only option to really follow a person everywhere, our intelligent systems switch from the phone network to the satellite network whenever necessary.

  • Out of phone reach, with the satellite tracking system you can be anywhere on the planet and we can receive your signal
  • The system is designed for long-range battery lives and for extreme weather conditions
  • Sending Text or two-way communications, everything is possible through the smart-phone size tracking devices
  • Worried about where your children are, or an elder might need assistance our 24/7/365 Control & Surveillance Centre will respond immediately
  • We assess your exact project, your wishes and your needs and we find the perfectly adapted devices for you (the best solutions)
  • Our partners will program and set them to your needs
  • We will monitor your devices and provide you with periodic reports, daily, weekly or monthly as you desire





Intelligence & Auditing



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