Video Surveillance – Worldwide

The ALGIZ Surveillance and Control Centre is also an assistant to our older or younger generations and provides 24/7 services:
1. Panic or Emergency Alarm buttons
2. Camera observations and site monitoring allows to react immediately in case of need
3. Reduces response time and accuracy
4. Guarantees our law enforcement and emergency services to already know what to expect and to prepare for the arrival
Knowing that someone is watching over you, your loved ones and your belongings allows you to relax while travelling, sleeping or working whenever, wherever – 24/7/365.

The difference with “classical” Telesurveillance is, that we can actually observe a site 24/7, in real-time, which with old systems is impossible.

Tech-Sec Manager

This new generation service allows the ALGIZ Surveillance & Control Centre to observe residencies, factories or sensitive sites anywhere around the world via an extremely secure and encrypted connection.

Surveillance Team

ALGIZ is the invisible eye in cooperation with the security team on the ground, we are the alert centre in case of an emergency and we keep an eye on things when the duty officer on the ground goes on patrol.

Operations Manager





Intelligence & Auditing



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