The ALGIZ App is a combination between a social network and a geolocation security app that transforms your smartphone into an “alert” button and a localisation device.

Each function of the app has been designed to enhance the personal security of the user.



This is the main section of the application created to send alarms and signals to different recipients


Personal information can be defined for a better utilisation of the Application


This function allows to determine the location of smartphones equipped with the ALGIZ App

SS Appearance


The design of the ALGIZ App can be adapted to you tastes


This section can be adjusted to receive any kind of RSS Feeds, News, Social Media


In this section you will find FAQs and the Manual of the App



Share to the ALGIZ Community any incidents and receive a notification when another user posts an incident close to you.

You may comment as you wish any incident, such as the evolution of the situation or simply the end.

An incident will disappear from the map automatically after 48 hours of inactivity to avoid confusion and to give you only the latest incidents.

There are only 4 steps to post an incident:

1. Take a photo or select one from your album

2. Select a type of incident in the ALGIZ list

3. Write the message

4. Select the incident location and Post it

ALGIZ App - Incident Map Report


You can send a distress alarm and location report in case of an emergency

You can send the request to follow your movements in moments of uncertainty or while passing through an unsecure area or potentially dangerous situation until you reach a safe destination

You can send an “I am OK” message in case of need, or after a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other catastrophe to inform your contacts of your whereabouts and wellbeing


The ALGIZ Operations Centre is located in our Head Office in Monaco. It is permanently connected to officers on mission and managing operations worldwide. It allows ALGIZ Security to provide professional protection services to clients at any moment.

(Available only for the ALGIZ VIP Account)

The Clients Contacts are chosen by the User of the Application.

You can select from :

-Emergency Contacts

-Phone book Contacts

-Locator Contacts

If the User chooses this group of recipient, Alarms and signals could be sent to all of them simultaneously.

The User can decide to send alarms and signals to the ALGIZ Operations Centre and the Client Contacts at the same time.

(Available only for the ALGIZ VIP Account)


This function allows you to locate all of your contacts using the ALGIZ App and to be located by them if they have your autorisation.

More options :

– Zones:

To determine areas. All information is saved in the App, furthermore it sends the necessary notifications once the user leaves or enters a zone.

– Meeting Point:

This is a convenient way to set up a meeting point with your contacts – and follow them there !

– GPS Accuracy Level:

To save the Battery of your Phone you could reduce the level of Accuracy


Operations Centre

24 / 7 / 365


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Our certifications and partnerships around the world give us the opportunity to provide international security services.

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