At ALGIZ Security, we are constantly looking for new technologies to guarantee high quality services to our customers. We offer a new detection system, Evolv Express, which ensures safer and more accurate identification of threats at unprecedented speed and volume. 



In order to modernize and make controls more efficient, ALGIZ Security has become the official reseller of Evolv Express access control system.


To provide safer, more accurate threat identification at an unheard-of speed and volume, the Evolv weapons detection system combines sophisticated sensor technology with tried-and-true artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and thorough venue analytics.





The use of this sophisticated system allows several advantages such as:

  • Quality and targeted access control only if detected
  • Elimination of the waiting time to pass the control
  • Smooth control
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduction in the number of access control staff
  • Better concentration of security guards on their mission





Easy Process for Quicker Resolution


With crystal-clear visual warnings that show you where the possible threat is on a person's body or in their bag, you can concentrate your security experts' time and attention on dealing with the real concerns.


Additionally, Express controls 4,000 people per hour, 10,000 times faster than metal detectors, for a wait-free experience. No stopping. No need to empty the pockets or remove the bags.



Options for Flexible Deployment


For both interior and outdoor screening, deploy. There are several deployment possibilities, including single-lane and double-lane layouts.


Analytics for Performance and Integrations


Strong system connections and Evolv Insights® insights support your venue operations and security management teams in making informed choices to optimize guest safety and experience, staffing requirements, and visitor flow.



Utilize the MyEvolv Portal to remotely manage Evolv Express Systems.


MyEvolv Portal, an add-on program for Evolv Express®, enables communication with Evolv Express through a single interface.


The portal offers web-based or mobile access to global support and service documentation, Evolv Insights® analytics, and system administrator features for Evolv Express, including proactive notifications and remote scanner access and administration.