ALGIZ Security is an expert in business protection solutions. In these times of crisis, it may seem complicated for some of our customers to continue working while respecting health regulations.

This is why ALGIZ has worked with its partners to offer you its automatic dispenser of hydro-alcoholic gel, combined with a 21-inch digital screen and a temperature detector: the SMARTBORN.

Respect the sanitary measures, protect yourself, your customers and your employees, and display your important messages and advertising.

Simplicity and convenience in one product

As far as content is concerned, customization is entirely remote, thanks to an application integrated into the terminal.

The portal can be accessed via computer or telephone. It is easy to use and very intuitive. It allows you to deploy content on one or more kiosks at a time in two minutes and offers you a wide range of settings.

It also includes software that allows you to retrieve traffic statistics.

It records the number of times a day that gel is taken, shows the level remaining in the gel canister, and records the total number of times the gel has been used since it was placed.

The hydro-alcoholic gel tank has a storage capacity of 5L, equivalent to 16500 doses of gel dispensed, which is more than enough to avoid having to refill the kiosk every day. Moreover, the kiosk is very mobile. It is supplied with a wall bracket and a long stand with wheels, allowing it to be placed in all types of places very easily.

The messages are displayed on the screen with a very good quality thanks to the large Full HD screen of the kiosk.

The kiosk deposits an adjustable dose of gel (0.3 ml / 0.8 ml / 1.7 ml / 2.6 ml) in the palm of the hand without any contact.

You simply pass your hand through the slot provided for this purpose. The green line above the dispenser indicates that there is still hydro-alcoholic gel in the terminal. When it is empty, it turns red.

When the gel is taken, the body temperature sensor captures the temperature and displays it on the screen via a pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

Technical Features