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ALGIZ Security is an international group, which provides corporate and private protection services all over the world.

History of ALGIZ Security

The ALGIZ team spirit was born two decades ago in the French Foreign Legion, when the ALGIZ founders met for the first time and had the chance to operate together. After leaving the Military, they continued to work together in Europe, Middle East, Africa and around the globe in complex, high threat and hostile environments.

The knowledge and experience in corporate security and personal protection operations collected throughout the years helped them to define their vision of security, which has established the foundation for the company.

ALGIZ Security group was founded in 2007 and continues to operate on the core principle of delivering the highest quality services possible. For ALGIZ Security, every client security request is unique and ALGIZ guarantees tailor-made solutions for every security issue.

ALGIZ Security is continuously monitoring the ever-changing security environment, equipment, tactics and techniques to provide suitable solutions for any occasion, this allows us to successfully complete missions in all fields of security operations and permanently enhance the “savoir-faire” of our employees and operators with the most recent protection methods.

ALGIZ Meaning

The ALGIZ symbol represents the ancient Germanic rune of protection through the mind and not through violence, this concept embodies the foundation of our philosophy avoiding danger through pro-active detailed planning and preparation.

The company name came to mind as we tried to find a title with a meaning that reflects our thoughts, work processes and motivations by integrating our hearts and minds as well as our professional and personal reflection through the experiences and knowledge we have gained as a team over the years within the security environment. However the biggest challenge was to cover it all through only one word.

ALGIZ represents exactly this idea as it stands for “NEW LIFE” and the complex challenges that come with it.

We reject all racist associations and connotations, and do not accept any interpretations of any illegal organizations, political, self proclaimed organizations or any other association with any form of racial, political or religious proclamation.

Our vision is your security

The slogan of ALGIZ Security represents our initial concept of working with clients, we are there to analyse the situation, to find the threat and optimize the security posture, so that the client can enjoy safety.

Fortis Cadere – cedere non potest

Translation from Latin – “The brave may fall, but cannot yield”

For ALGIZ Security this motto means that, we never step back in front of difficulties. All goals defined together with our clients are achieved. Regardless how difficult their execution would be – the client always receives stability, quality and the required result.


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Our Partnerships

Our partnerships around the world give us the opportunity to provide international security services.

Fortis cadere – Cedere non potest