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My professional and personal experiences have led to affirm myself as being communicative, determined and sometimes bold. I always try to be enthusiastic, flexible and faithful, believing in our team and constantly motivating them, which gives me great pleasure and explains the reason why ALGIZ Security has been created.

I think and believe that it is extremely important to talk about work processes, analysing constructive critic as well as developing new ideas to always improve solutions through teamwork or when necessary individually. In our industry it is a daily and sometimes hourly occurrence to take risks and to face problems and as long as there is a structured and organised approach to every situation, these events can be isolated, treated and solved rapidly.

Fairness and a constructive cooperation between members of our company are irreplaceable and belong together. In today’s world especially in the business of security it is extremely important to be proactive, to assess the risk and to continually move forward by avoiding tunnel vision.

ALGIZ Security has been created with a vision of excellence, continued development and innovation in the ever-changing market of security. It has always been and is our goal to achieve this through teamwork with our employees and contractors as well as through ongoing cooperation with our partners. ALGIZ Security recognises that in order to achieve our mission, it is extremely important to put trust in our highly skilled operators and they in return always deliver optimum performance to our customers and clients.

Our availability is a top priority as it is important that you should always be able to reach us whenever you need us from wherever you are.

The security concept of a project and mission evolves permanently and it requires constant adaptation, modify and create solutions that allow our clients to move in every direction they desire to achieve their goals safely.

I thank all our clients for their trust and promise to continue to always strive for excellence and I welcome all our new clients and am looking forward to develop a functioning concept together.



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