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ALGIZ Security is an expert in providing corporate protection solutions. Our consulting department creates security solutions for companies and their employees, based on an in depth analysis of the situation, the need and our deep rooted expertise.

ALGIZ Security conducts detailed gap analysis and threat assessments to identify and assess your needs. It is vital that implemented solutions are adapted to existing postures, understanding the current situation will guide and dictate every step through preparing an improvement plan and the achievable goals.

By outsourcing their security services to ALGIZ Security, our clients benefit from a vast network, permanent 24/7 availability, resources and experienced Managers that find a solution to every need or problem at hand. An efficient security solution will reduce final costs for our clients.

ALGIZ Security Consulting Process:

– Threat assessments – Measuring of potential threats and real risks, thus identifying any danger for company operations, assets and employees.

– Intelligence reports – Providing relevant information to our client’s situation, concerning potential risks.

– Security Plans – Detailed advice in view of a security concept tailor-made to corporate operational needs.

– Awareness Training and preparation – Helping to minimize Stress and enhance productivity, helps our clients’ employees to keep their minds focused on the mission and avoid traumatic stress that unprepared individuals can be exposed to.

– Crisis management – The creation of a program and implementation of emergency measures in the case of a crisis situation that concerns our clients, employees and assets.

List of Services:

Consulting for Hostile Environments

– Risk & threat assessments of hostile environment

– Political environment analysis – Potential development of political situations in countries with high levels of risk

– Security concept creation for companies to operate in high-risk zones

– Creation of a Crises Management plan with integrated Emergency Action Plans (EAP) in view of kidnapping, natural disasters, military action or civil unrest

– Creation of Possible evacuation procedures and sourcing of transport solutions

– Local security advice about rules of behaviour in hostile environments – dos’ and don’ts

Consulting in Corporate Security Development – Routine Business Operations

– Identification of potential threats for international business operations

– System analyses to detect possible security holes or breaches

– Creation or improvement through Gap analyses of the existing security concept

– Cyber security audits shall accompany every physical security audit

– Development of a Crisis Management Plan in case of emergency

Intelligence & Investigation

Due diligence is more than having a security team in place, it’s assessing your strategy to ensure it will optimize your safety and security. ALGIZ Security makes sure that your security plan is not exposing yourself, your family or your business to risk.

Effective planning and assessment are the key elements for a successful security operation. Without good INTEL effective planning and assessment is impossible !


Information is everything !


ALGIZ Security provides your business with the information, tools and research you need to successfully adapt your security posture or to make business decisions.


– Intelligence briefings

– Location assessments

– Regional crime reports & assessments

– Disaster warning

– Contact research

– Paparazzi tracking & counter observation

– Press & news reports

– Investigation

– Surveillance & tracking


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